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Article 5: 4 Dangers of Being All or Nothing

If you can identity with this personality trait I want to encourage you to be aware of the 4 Dangers of Being All or Nothing.

Feelings can Dictate Discipline

All or nothing is often motivated by feelings. Only doing things like working out, eating healthy, and praising God when you feel like it is the opposite of self-care. Without a plan, discipline can be motivated by whether you’re feeling “all” or “nothing” that day. This mentality is counter-productive to meeting long-term goals. Pushing through when you feel like a “nothing” day will make you stronger.

Expensive Obsession

I’m not just talking about money. When I find something I love, I am all in. For instance, one of my favorite shows in Shark Tank. Most of the products in my house are from the show. Some of my favorites are Kodiak Cakes, Himalayan Dog Chews, and The Scrub Daddy. Because I am a Shark Tank fan I pour my resources into supporting the stories I love and watching the show. But this all in behavior can get expensive quick. If you’ve ever been “over it” you know what I mean. Be aware of you’re tendancy to obsess over fads. Obsessions are different than passions.

Ego & Judgement

Us All or Nothing’s look down from our ivory towers at the people who lack motivation. Judgement and ego drive relationships to their end so be careful. On an “all” high it’s so easy to get critical of the people who aren’t on board. Remember to love your life for you, not to prove it to anyone else. Impatience is a symptom of judgement and ego. How do I know? I suffer all the time. I get wrapped up in my highs and have no patience for people who can’t keep up with me. This attitude is the quickest route to drive people away. I’ll tell you what my sister tells me, “Get over yourself.”


Burnout is inevitable without a steady pace. The quickest way to burnout is an unclear end goal with unhealthy motivation. For example, I have gone through ebbs and flows of being on health highs. Those health highs were actually body image lows. My health has steadily improved because my well-being and sanity is the new motivation. And my end goal is to build habits I can maintain over a lifetime not just bikini season. Think sustainable, not temporaryIf your habits lead to exhaustion burnout is right around the corner.


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