The Best Way to Overcome Fear

I posted an Instagram last week with a pretty Pinterest graphic of Daniel 3:17-18. The text reads, “And if not, He is still good.” The quote is in reference to one of my favorite Bible stories. This mighty man of faith, Daniel, has a show down with the king. The king threatens to throw Daniel in the fire if he doesn’t worship his gold statue. Daniel gives the comeback of all comebacks. To put the response in my own words it went something like, “Go for it. God can save me from the fire. Even if He doesn’t let me make this clear, your majesty, I will never worship your statue.”

A good ol’Bible mic drop.

Even if He doesn’t save Daniel’s life. Even if Daniel burns to death in front of this king who taunts him. Even if God lets him suffer for his faith. Even if God doesn’t prove it on the spot. Even IF. God is still God. 

When I read this Daniel story the first thing that comes to mind is “jeez I want to be like Daniel”. Instead I am the *oh-no-things-are-not-going-to-plan-cry-call-family-pray-for-peace-create-contingency-plan* girl. Yep. That’s right. When things don’t go according to the itinerary that is my life I take what’s in front of me and I create a completely new expectation.

How the heck did David get to the point of faith where He trusted God so much he could declare that in the face of death? Well it didn’t happen over night. Daniel trusted God to nourish his body with vegetables and water. God did. Daniel asked God to reveal the meaning of the king’s dream. God did.

I cannot imagine how terrifying it would’ve been to be threatened with death by fire. Instead when Daniel’s life was at stake in front of the king he held on to God’s faithfulness. Daniel didn’t have to wonder if God would deliver, He knew God was faithful. Daniel didn’t dwell on the what-ifs he kept his heart on what he knew: God’s faithfulness. Why? Because he  trusted God’s character. Even if God didn’t rescue Daniel from the fire he knew God could be trusted with the decision.

The best way to overcome fear is remind yourself of God’s faithful track record.

Where does that leave us? This story feels distant but it isn’t. We typically aren’t forced to jump in a fire for betraying our faith. Instead, we are asked to worship success, fame, notoriety, money, and status. We are asked to compromise our beliefs. Stay quiet not to offend. Go along with the status quo. Please our leaders. 

God was as real as the king to Daniel in that moment. He knew God as Sovereign King, Almighty, Lord of Lords. So my challenge to you is move forward. When God nudges you out of your comfort zone praise Him right then and there. Focus on HIS track record, not YOUR what-ifs. Let this pattern become the foundation of your faith. Continue to grow and trust Him to show up again. Lean in to more opportunities for Him to show you His character.

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