Are You Ready to Live Full?

Sharing a bathroom with 5 other people is less than ideal but Brian was playing great so we would be moving soon. An air-conditioner that didn’t get cooler than 75 on it’s best day didn’t phase me because surely Brian would get the call and we’d be on our way to Montgomery. Every time my make-shift Walmart hanging wardrobe closet fell I didn’t care because it was temporary.

A year later, I am still here. I wasted months shoving my needs to the back while I waited by the phone to hear from Brian about our next move. I was in denial about my reality and I was proud of my threshold for discomfort. Why? I wanted the world to see me as competent. Complaining, moving out, demanding the AC be repaired would mean raising a white-flag to my situation. And besides, it’s all part of the “minor league experience” so I can’t complain.
This post is to my friends who are about to uproot and begin this season’s adventure. We’ve got to stop convincing ourselves we are stuck. Do you ever find yourself in over your head too afraid to ask for help? That’s where I found myself last July. Brian found out he was injured and the reality began to sink in that we would stay in Florida for an unforeseen amount of time. My mind started to crumble because all of the sudden I realized I had wasted so much time “sucking it up.”

Don’t get me wrong some of my lifelong friends were created out of sharing that bathroom. What I want you to read through my story is don’t waste your time. If “home is what you make it” do what it takes to make your house a home. I’ve heard arguments of packing light and I agree. I don’t bring very many clothes with me but I do bring printed pictures I can place on my night stand. A TV for our bedroom so we can have our own living space and my blender because I love smoothies. Bring the things that make you feel at home because the saying holds true. Seeing your circumstances as a means to an end makes everyone in your life an object instead of laying the foundations of friendship.

This isn’t exclusive to your home. Maybe it’s just me but the baseball season bubble often leaves me feeling misunderstood. I miss my sisters, my childhood friends, or “my people” in Nashville. Guess who else does? Every girl in the stands. So instead of sulking as if no one here understands you or you have nothing in common with your fellow WAG invest in her life. The baseball community gets smaller every year and these are the people who understand your hopes & fears more than anyone. Last night I sat around a patio table we got from Goodwill for $20 with my Walmart plates. It’s not the Pinterest interior design I had expected for my newlywed life but it’s home. It felt like a family dinner although we are all so different. From New York to California we cover every region and background. But we weren’t okay with having roommates solely to lower our rent. We learned to love each other like family and it all started with sharing a bathroom.

Life is too short to spend the season wishing you were somewhere else. I did, and I missed a bit of joy last season had to offer. It’s our man’s job to want to move up and it’s our job to help them enjoy the journey. Don’t let wanting so much for them steal your joy of today. Set the table like you’re at home and invite friends over for dinner. Baseball season is here and we have so much opportunity to live full.

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